2nd Nature Acupuncture and Placenta Services

I solve women’s health issues for the community in R/BS with clear- cut, positive results.

At my core I am a compassionate healer, I use Acupuncture because it is a gentle, yet incredibly effective way to treat both deep and superficial problems. I am honest and experienced and truly want to help.

My practice is focused on everything related to women’s health:

Menstrual regulation


Maintaining pregnancy

Nausea, pain, headaches and depression during pregnancy

Preparing for VBAC

Encouraging and prepping the body for labor before labor begins and during labor.

Poor Lactation

Post partum depression

Pediatric complaints : ear infections, constipation, ADHD, etc

Menopausal difficulties.

I also treat children and pain disorders.

Read about the benefits of placenta encapsulation here: https://2ndnatureacu.blogspot.co.il/2017/06/why-consume-your-placenta.html

Looking forward to serving you,

Esther Hornstein, L.Ac, Dipl, MSAc.

Phone: 1.97E+13

Location: New York, No2

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