Adam Leighton Native English speaking, certified liCBT / ACT therapist

Out of a strong desire to engage in my love of working with people and assisting in personal development processes, I left a managerial career and today devote all my time to working with people. ​I believe that the secret to success is a thorough understanding of the goal combined with flexibility and before anything else a personal and honest connection. Treatment goals Reduce Depression Anger management Reduce Anxiety, Stress Boost self-esteem Learn to deal with troubling thoughts and emotions What is liCBT treatment and for whom is it intended? The treatment is very suitable for anyone suffering from panic attacks, anger, general anxiety, social anxiety, test anxiety, various phobias, mild to moderate depression and low self-esteem. liCBT therapy provides an effective way to deal with emotional problems, helps to make significant changes in one’s perception of reality and increases self-efficacy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective evidence based therapeutic tool for everyone and emphasizes self-help guidance. Treatment increases motivation while providing effective tools. Sessions are usually between 50-80 minutes, once a week. In certain situations, two sessions per week may be recommended. Where do you treat? As people are different, so are the suitable settings. Treatment can be provided in our clinic, via the Internet or outdoors. Using Nature as our treatment room, we can work together whilst walking and talking outdoors. The natural settings in themselves are restorative and therapeutic. Remote therapy session via video conferencing is also possible (it’s surprisingly simple – no special equipment or software is needed.) The therapy is intended for adults and teenagers (ages 16 and over). Please feel free to contact and consult without any obligation – confidentiality is guaranteed.

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