Aliza’s Place – Herbal Clinic

Aliza has a good thing and wants to share it with you.

Aliza’s Place is here to help you feel great – physically and emotionally, and ultimately to help you help yourself.

Aliza’s Place is an Herbal Clinic where you can receive personal treatment and get herbal remedies that really work.

You can attend exciting ongoing classes where you can learn about herbs, Chinese medicine, interpreting blood tests, or even labor coaching (Doula certification).

For over 25 years Aliza Adar Levine RNMH, Nurse, Midwife, TCM Herbalist, Medical researcher, writer, and teacher, has specialized in treatment of issues like:

Reversing early menopause
Menopause distress
Period problems (short/ long cycle, excess bleeding etc.)
Pregnancy Issues
IVF augmentation
Miscarriage recovery
Polycystic Ovary (PCO) problems
Natural” Wedding planning

Other commonly treated issues are:
Thyroid problems
Cholesterol lowering
Post “Mono”/ Viral weakness
Chronic Fatigue
ADHD in children and adults
Chronic Yeast problems
Children’s bedwetting..

Many of our patients benefit from Quality of Life herbs for:
Good Mood
Extra Energy
Boost Concentration/memory
Bone Health
Heart Health
Well Being/ Anti Aging
Immune Strengthening
Jetlag Relief
Constipation/Gas/Diarrhea Relief

And so much more…….

We take the mystery out of Chinese herbs and put the knowledge and power with you, the consumer.

At Aliza’s Place you will feel better, you will be using high quality herbs, and you will be getting good value for your money. Most importantly, you will become an educated and informed consumer.

Everyone has the right to full medical knowledge and affordable treatment. Each of us is able to take care of ourself, and therefore we need the information that will help us become more empowered and informed consumers, so that we will be able to become advocates for our own health care.

Aliza’s guarantee: Unlike many purveyors of Chinese medicine, Aliza only uses the finest quality herbs, bought from a few selected trusted companies. All of her herb treatments are guaranteed or your money back. Chinese herbs help many people, but obviously no treatment is 100% effective. If you are one of the minority that has not been helped by the herbs, you will receive all of your money back.

Phone: (02) 571-4978 or 058-571-4978

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