Beit Tovei Ha’Ir

If you are seeking much more than just senior living facilities, either for you or for a loved one, you have come to the right place. 70% of our residents are English-speakers!

With over two decades of experience, Tovei Ha’ir Residence offers you Israel’s best senior living facilities for all streams of the religious community. Here you will find a home for life. Perfect for independent individuals who seek to enhance their quality of life through great health services and cultural and leisure activities. Just like you. You will be able to balance privacy with a vibrant communal life. We invite you to join our large, welcoming community at the heart of Jerusalem, and enjoy unmatched, professional and quality services.

Our Apartments – Your Security and Peace of Mind
Our apartments, designed in different styles according to personal preferences and needs, offer a splendid view of Jerusalem. They have been designed by leading architects who have taken even the smallest details into account. Each apartment includes top-quality furniture and accessories, a kitchenette, safety bathroom and shower, a telephone connected to the Residence switchboard, a safe, a public announcement system for emergency situations, and more.

If you want to host family members, we offer hotel accommodation at attractive prices, and we also provide the option of renting halls for family events.

A Full Range of Cultural Activities
Tovei Hair Residence offers a wide range of activities that spans many different areas of interest. Residents can use the swimming pool and fully equipped gymnasium, and have treatments in the spa and the medical clinic. A significant part of the day is filled with enriching cultural activities and community events.

We offer Torah activities, sport and health activities, and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities.

– Sports classes for men and women. These classes include posture, upper and lower body workouts, Tai Chi, gentle exercise, guided imagery, Zumba and more.

– Arts & Crafts & Drawing Classes: Including beadwork, jewelry-making, embroidery, knitting, fabric crafts, coloring, making items from recycled materials, and oil painting.

– Women’s Midrasha: Every Sunday, Jerusalem women join the residents for classes on Torah subjects.

– Ulpan That’s Fun: Tovei Ha’ir residents can choose Ulpan classes at their level, as well as spoken English, folk-dancing, new media and current news, sing-a-longs, designing a garden and more.

– Lectures on Torah and other topics: Most afternoons are devoted to lectures. Two lectures are offered every day—one in English and one in Hebrew, on a wide range of topics, from Parashat Hashavua and the reasons behind the mitzvot to lectures on Jewish and international music, health, science, history, literature and more.

– Music and films: quality musical performances in a range of styles—classical, light classical, chazanut, songs of Eretz Yisrael, and more. Movies are screened twice a week.

– ‘’Ad 120”: Whose birthday is it? Once a month we celebrate the birthdays of the birthday boys and girls of the month. Family members attend and it is moving experience for all.

– Outings: It’strue that we have all the luxuries of home, but sometimes it is time to go out and get some fresh air and spend time in nature. Our range of excursions include one-day outings around Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and other places, trips to new visitor centers at observation points, museums and other places, and trips to exciting sites in the north or south, including a vacation in Eilat.

Vesamachta BeChagecha: Holiday Activities
During the month of Elul and the High Holidays, we hold charity events including fairs where new and second hand items are sold for charity; hafrashat challah, hazanout concerts and more. During Succot, we hold musical performances and Simchat Beit Hashoeva concerts. Every evening during Hanukkah, we have special events such as a musical performance, a bingo and game night, or party for family members with activities for children.

On Purim, the Residence dresses up and looks completely different. The residents participate in the very festive Purim Meal (Seuda) and the best costumes win prizes. During Passover, there are special activities for the holiday. Remembrance days are marked by moving ceremonies, and Israel’s Independence Day is celebrated in blue and white.In the summer, we usually hold our Dor Le’Dor (Generation to Generation) event—a special fun day for grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

It’s never boring at Tovei Ha’ir Residence! Find out more and enjoy a free trial stay. Contact Tamar

Phone: 054-487-2267

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