Body & Mind Treated by Energy…How?

What is healing? Our entire world vibrates and produces energy, this is basic physics. Subatomic particles, which are the basis of all matter, constantly move, producing their unique energy imprint on life. This includes not only the mineral, plant and animal world, but humans as well. Conventional medicine usually focuses on the biochemical approach which translates to treatment mainly by chemically produced medication. Holistic medicine does not disregard the biochemical knowledge but rather enhances it by using herbs, foods and natural supplements as well as introducing new paradigms such as energy medicine. The understanding of the physics aspect of the human body improves our understanding of physiology. Holistic practitioners recognize that the two subsystems, biochemistry and energy, are actually one and can therefore be treated as such. Based on that understating, Healing is an approach that says that the body and mind can be effectively treated by energy; this is something I have personally observed…more Dr. Ben Asher treats the following conditions: Back and spinal problems Cognitive difficulties Stroke and Heart attack Cancer Digestive disorders Asthma and other lung problems Childhood as well as Adult conditions As we have changed, I believe, due to the dramatic changes in our “internal environment”, the food and drink we consume, as well as our “outer environment” created by pollution, the demands of life, and the fast pace world we live in. The changes are not only physical, weight gain, early aging, etc. but also emotional and mental and have a direct effect on our health. Almost all of the food today is genetically engineered, whether beef, chicken, and fish, or vegetables, grains and fruits. We have also introduced a massive amount of chemicals additives, some from genetically engineered chemicals, into our foods, drinks and even plain water…more 20-12-2012_10-04-14.jpg Yehuda Ben-Asher, MD Locations: Neve Daniel, Gush Etzion Facebook Blog About Yehuda Ben-Asher, MD I received my medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1982. I then gained board certification in general surgery, and plastic surgery as well as hand and microsurgery. I was fortunate enough to be able to see and feel the world’s energy vibrations since youth; I was therefore able to incorporate this ability into my medical training.

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Location: Neve Daniel

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