Certified Life Coach and professional Closet Organizer

My name is Sivonne. I am an American-Israeli, have a B.A. in psychology from Bar-Ilan, and am a licensed life coach with a lot of experience in closet and space organizing. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved to organize messy spaces. Even the messiest rooms and closets that seemed impossible to everyone else, seemed to me like a fun and challenging project. I would be honored to help you organize your home and closets, and assist you in letting go of even the most “sentimental” objects in order to help you feel light and clean. Getting rid of things in our lives is an important part of letting new things in. Let me help you free yourself from the clutter! Share: Related Articles Understanding the 3 Levels of Insurance Coverage by Shimon Cohen – Level A National Health ServicesProvided by four Kupot Cholim: Clalit, Meuhedet, … Premiums Avigail Slonim-Rothner, Attorney & Notary Aluminum Works: Trissim, Windows, Doors, Screens and More English Money Changer Jerusalem Israel International Money Transfers AVI and ITAI – Woodwork and paint About Contact Us All Sections Community Events on Facebook @ Twitter Terms of use Privacy Policy Posting Policies Advertising Contract Terms and Conditions Email Subscription | Anglo Media © 2021

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