Certified personal trainer, start feeling healthy again!

If you are reading this post I assume you are looking for a personal trainer because maybe you are looking to lose a few pounds, gain muscle, or perhaps you are simply trying to regain control of your health. I must say up front that I am not the magic solution to your fitness goals. If a trainer were to tell you that you just have to hire him and you will see Instant success he would be lying to you. The Truth Is it takes hard work, consistency and willpower to achieve any goal, but I can assure you that there Is nothing In more gratifying than when you see your hard work pay off. My name Is Mordechai Mandel. I am a certified personal trainer from the Wingate Institute with years of experience In training Individuals with their specific goals. If you want to start feeling great again and achieve whatever fitness goal you have in mind I would be happy to guide you down that path and give you the tools needed so that YOU can achieve that goal! I can bring my equipment to your home or a local park of your choice. Call for a free consultation 0543557619. I speak fluent english, french and. hebrew. For men only!

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