Child Psychologist In Tel-Aviv

Boaz Gesthalter- Clinical Psychologist, Supervisor (M.A) Psychotherapy for children and adolescents, Parental guidance, Psychotherapy for adults, Supervision for interns and therapists, Group Therapy, Psychodiagnostic assessments, Forensic evaluations. The Following can be treated by a professional and experienced Child Psychologist: -Social difficulties -Stress -Parental issues -Family Conflicts & Crisis -School Problems -Emotional Difficulties -Anxiety -Depression About me In 2004 I opened a private practice, located in a lovely suburb in Tel Aviv. Since 2009 I have become manager of a Psycho-diagnostic Unit in one of the most prestigious institutes for psychotherapy and Psychodiagnosis in Israel. I make forensic evaluations on parental capability issues and supervise interns of clinical psychology. I’m a member of the Israeli Psychologists Association, a committee member of the Israeli Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (IAPP) and a member of The Israeli Association for the Study of Group and Organisational Processes (OFEK). Since 2003 I serve as a psychologist in the IDF Reserves. To me, being a clinical psychologist means that I constantly take part in professional trainings, get supervision by leading professionals in the field and participate in professional conferences in Israel and abroad. Beyond receiving a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and a 4 year internship process in Schneider’s’ Children’s’ Hospital and Abarabanel Mental Health Hospital, I trained for 4 years in Triest-Sarig Psychotherapy Inst. in order to become a certified supervisor by the Israeli Ministry of Health, I studied in a 3 year training program in The center for Psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy studies.

Phone: 545711666

Location: Tel Aviv-Yafo Tel Aviv District

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