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Amanda Ronson Originally from London England is a consciousness development expert who has been practicing for the past 15 years globally. In the past decade, Amanda noticed a wider interest from the public in self reflection, spiritual sensitivity and a desire for amore authentic and satisfying life. This also came with an expressed need from clients for a pragmatic, multi disciplined approach that would combine psychology, spiritual exploration and practical life coaching. Thus, Amanda has constructed a specialized method and approach called Alchemy Healing which not only focuses on those who feel troubled, but those who desire to gain tools and a greater understanding of self, soul, and the environments in which they operate in. The Alchemy approach includes elements of: •Counseling •Hypnotherapy •Guided Visualisations •Workshops and Teaching Courses •Energy Work •Channeling •Past life regression •Guided Reading and Education Amanda has worked with clients from all walks of life, and has treated people in the fields of: •Finance •Social Work (Trauma Specialists) •Patients Faced with Illness •Spiritual practitioners •CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies •Parents •NGO Leaders •Victims of Terror •Students Amanda also has a specialty in the the field of learning disabilities. To set an appointment or to find out about current workshops please visit:

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