Dr. Reuven M. Rosenberg, Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist

In practice since 1999, Dr. Reuven Rosenberg is a chiropractor and board certified clinical nutritionist. As well he has taken post graduate courses in Functional Neurology. Many of my patients come to me suffering from pain and dysfunction. Many patients come from their medical doctors. This is what I usually hear from them as told to them by their doctors: There is nothing wrong You will just have to live with it I can offer you injections I can offer you medications You have reached the limit of your medications or injections (and still in pain) I can offer you surgery (sometimes multiple times) They present to my office because they have already been through the medical system with limited or unsatisfactory results. When appropriate I refer them to an orthopedic or neurologic evaluation by an M.D. As a chiropractor I use many modalities which include both Applied Kinesiology and orthopedic muscle testing, laser acupuncture, vibration therapy, relaxation breathing techniques, gentle hand assisted adjusting using a spring loaded tool, Chinese Gua Sha, trigger point and myofascial therapy, and of course traditional spinal manipulation techniques. No rotational neck adjustments! Here are some chiropractic testimonials: Freedom from seven years of pain and dysfunction “For seven years I suffered shoulder pain from a culmination of misuse and old sports injuries. I tried a variety of different physio therapies, chiropractics and massage therapy. Any benefits were always short lived and the pain always came back. On a visit to Israel I had an acute flare up that was also causing terrible headaches. Thankfully, I was referred to Dr. Rosenberg. His treatment went far beyond the usual chiropractic adjustment and involved different diagnostic techniques and interventions. Two years later I remain pain free. I cannot begin to express how wonderful it is to no longer live with chronic pain or the fear of doing things that might aggravate my shoulder. I can do anything and everything.”~~~P.Rand Post Surgery Correction “During August of 2012 I went through a correctional scoliosis surgery. Due to the surgery I was unable to lift my right arm more than 20 degrees, and was directed towards doctor Rosenberg. The first session was a little bit nerve racking due to the fat that I didn’t know what was happening but Dr. Rosenberg assured me that everything would be okay, and so it was. After completing 10 treatments throughout three months I am now able to lift my arm with full range of motion. Dr. Rosenberg is a magician and has helped me greatly. I consider myself lucky to have had the privilege of him being my doctor.”~~~M. Lenk Relief of Sciatica in Pregnancy First of all, thank you Dr. Rosenberg for helping me during such an important time. You have surpassed all my expectations of being able to help manage my usual sciatica issues during pregancy and that is something that my whole family is very grateful for. I must recommend a great Chiropractor. His name is Dr. Rosenberg and he has kept me from being immobilised during my pregnancy. Usually by the 6th and a half month I can not walk without crutches and am in tremendous pain with sciatica. This doctor has prevented both the immobility and almost all the pain that goes with it and yesterday I reached my goal of being able to dance at our daughter’s Bat mitzvah and just to have been able to walk during the last months of pregancy this time round has been so amazing for both me and the family, we can hardly believe it! Conventional doctors that I have seen in the past had told me that it is just something that I will have to ‘put up with’, but Dr Rosenberg told me that he would be able to help me. I was at a point where I thought no one can help me with such an agonising condition. I began my treatments with him early on in the pregnancy and I have no doubt in my mind that if it were not for his skills as a chiropractor, positive thinking, alternative therapy and extremely friendly manner, I would not have made it to our recent simcha. He’s great and has made my fifth pregnancy a happy experience……what more can I ask for! Thanks again!~~~B. Rubenstein Relief of Sexual Dysfunction I wanted to share with others the great cure I had thanks to Dr. Reuven Rosenberg. I was taking a drug for depression that all but made it impossible for me to complete a sexual act. It caused much frustration and friction between me and my wife. I tried a few supplements but they did not help. Dr. Rosenberg went out of the box, did some muscle checks and a few adjustments and pressure points in my pelvis, and made me a man again! Thank you so much Dr. Rosenberg.~~~Anonymous Helping a baby with breathing and develpmental issues My baby has medical issues related to breathing. He also needs physiotherapy. My physiotherapist recommended going to a chiropractor and so I went to Dr. Rosenberg. He helped us so much! He helped him start turning from side to side, to hear better, to eat better, dare I say even to breath better! After I saw him he finally passed a special hearing test that he had failed three times. This was after only one visit!~~~E. Remez The other side of my practice is as a functional health doctor. I offer unique functional lab tests which go beyond the usual tests which are available. These tests look wider and deeper than standard lab testing and therefore usually find the reason for what’s bothering people. These tests are easy to do at home by providing urine and/or saliva. Tests are sent to the lab in the U.S. Teenager with Anxiety Our teenage son suffered from anxiety his whole life. We took him to a few therapists. He needed to take Prozac at two different points in his life, and he said he always felt like he had “a black cloud” hovering over his day. He would call us multiple times from school during the day to tell us that he feels very nervous and anxious, and we just didn’t’ know what to do for him. We sent to see Dr. Rosenberg when we heard glowing recommendations about him from a relative of ours who had achieved great results using him. Dr. Rosenberg was patient, kind, and extremely thorough. He recommended some testing for our son, and based on the results, he set our son up with a vitamin regimen. This was 6 months ago, and our son is a different child. He’s calm, happy, well adjusted and “the cloud”‘ has gone away. All he does is take some very healthy vitamins, not dangerous medication, and BH he’s doing so well! Thank you Dr. Rosenberg! We are just so grateful to you for all you have done for our son. Keep up the good work! A very grateful parent.” These are just some of many reccomendations for Dr. Reuven Rosenberg. For more click on his Facebook Page and website under testimonials. So how can I help you? Just ask!

Phone: 058-432-5849 (HEA-LTHY)

Location: Yechezkel HaNavi 7/4, Bet She

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