Effi Kfir M.Sc, L.Ac-Physician of Chinese Medicine

People everywhere are amazed by how with only one or a few packages of 12 treatments one can naturally become healthy, stop pain, reduce medications intake, balance their weight and be filled with energy. Mr. Effi Kfir’s practice, located in Tel Aviv, involves all aspects of Alternative Chinese Medicine with an emphasis on Pain Relief, Infertility, Weight Gain, Stress, Gynecology, Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertention, Cancer, Heart Atrial Fibrillation and many more chronic and acute diseases. Liscenced since 1992 by the state board to practice Chinese Medicine in California and 30 other states in the US, Effi Kfir has practiced internationally in the US, Canada, Europe, Bermuda, The Carribean Islands and off course in Israel for over than 22 years. Lately he practiced Chinese Medicine on board 3 American Cruise ships treating guests and staff from over than 70 countries, from Quibec to the Southern Caribbeans. Effi Kfir is commited to bring a smile back to the faces of his patients in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, using his vast experience to provide a special attention to his patient’s personal needs and comfort. Born in Israel, Effi Kfir is a graduate of the Master Program of the American College of Chinese Medicine of San Francisco California, and had spent a full year of internship in 3 hospitals in China and Japan. He published 2 textbooks on the subject of Chinese Herbal Medicine and lectured in the doctoral program in Bar Ilan University. He speaks fluent English, Hebrew and a good Spanish. Call now for a free consultation and feel better today. I would love to support your health needs fully. Effi Kfir M.Sc, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac Master degree from The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of San Francisco, California. Liscenced Acupuncturist Physician – by The State Board of California. Diplomate of Acupuncture – By NCCAOM – liscenced to practice in 30 other states in the US.

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