English Speaking CBT/DBT Therapist

My name is Linda Libby LCSW. I have been in practice for over 30 years both in the US and now in Israel, treating adults, teens and their families who are dealing with mental health issues, personality disorders, addictions and relationship difficulties. My approach to my work is based on the belief propounded by Milton Erickson,MD that we have the resources to heal ourselves within, and that the therapist serves as a catalyst to help the client access their inner healing power. I use an ecclectic appraoch including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) , dialectical behavioral therapy(DBT), motivational interviewing and the stages of change approach to habit cessation and relapse prevention. The goal of my practice is to help my clients live effective lives and to feel confident in their recovery. Together we focus on improving the client”s interpersonal relationships, regulate emotions and increase the client’s ability to tolerate and cope with distress that inevitably comes our way. My aim is to help my clients develop tools with which to face life’s challenges and to confidently navigate change The therapy room provides a safe practice space to learn and practice new skils, which are then used in the clients world when new real life situations arise. Sessions are held in my offices in Talpiot, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I also provide virtual therapy using video conferencing.

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