Essence Spiritual Life Coaching & Training

Essence Spiritual Life Coaching & Training

Spiritual life coach/therapist: Neriyah Duval

Spiritual Life Coaching
Kinor Lev
Indian massage, reiki

Vision and Mission
Witin every person is a natural desire to connect to themselves.
To truly be in contact with yourself and open yourself up takes courage.Through spiritual life coaching l’ll support your journey which will include a variety of exercises that you can practice at home. These techniques will help you to open yourself up and accept yourself unconditionally for who you are. You will be unified with your inner strength, joy of life, wisdom, truth, trust, peace and love; with Hashem.

Coaching & Training
We will explore the area you would like to work on. Even though you may come for guidance for a specific theme in your life, we will work on what is happening in you at that very moment you come for the treatment. You will experience that everything is connected to each other. Depending on what you need, I use tools such as bodywork, massage, meditation, visualisations, inquiries (self introspection), affirmations and exercises to help to open yourself up and accept yourself unconditionally for who you are.

What past participants said
Tiferet: ‘I feel so privileged to be in this workshop’.
Dinah: Neriyah gave me wonderful tools to really make a positive change in my day to day life.
Gilah: Your facilitation and coaching brings strength, confidence and personal independence to our lives.
Yehudit: Neriyah is a highly adept facilitator and coach who helps us ask “the right question”.!biography/c1enr

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