Forever Fit by Samantha Abrahams -Certified Personal Trainer

Fitness is a lifestyle, that consists of eating well, keeping a positive mindset and strong body. Living our highest quality of life begins with loving ourself enough to do what’s good for our body long term. I am an ACE Certifed Personal Trainer and my mission is to inspire women of all ages to achieve optimal success in all aspects of our lives from the inside out! I will work with you to identify your fitness goals, design exercise programs that fit your need, and guide you through every exercise and workout. My unique and varied sessions include functional training, strength training, speed, agility, toning and conditioning, and boxing for fitness, catered to your personal goals: Services include: One – on – One Personal Training either from the comfort of your own home or my equipped studio in Ramat Beit Shemesh Small Groups Training Small Groups – Full Body Conditioning and Toning Classes For further information on how I can help you accomplish your fitness goals and for a free consultation please call Samantha Abrahams on 052 952 2044.

Phone: 052 952 2044

Location: Beit Shemesh

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