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Uncover your wisdom, resilience, peace of mind, clarity of thought, innate health & well-being, reduce stress levels and improve relationships through our unique Coaching & Counselling services. We all have the wisdom within us to navigate life’s ups and downs. There is a psychological freedom and a resilience that we all possess but that many of us do not realise. The Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness & Thought guide us towards this unrealised innate intelligence. There is endless, unlimited potential, creativity, productivity and an ability to live in a more peaceful state of mind available to all of us in whichever circumstances we find ourselves in. Are you an individual looking for more joy in life, peace of mind, well-being, clarity, motivation and inspiration? Our Counselling services can be used to help people deal with mental health issues, addiction dependencies, anxiety, depression, stress reduction and lack of motivation and inspiration for life. Are you a Business looking to reduce the stress levels of your workforce, to create more harmonious relationships, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity & creativity among workers? In Business settings, our Coaching workshops will lead to an increase in mental resilience, clarity of thought, peace of mind, productivity & energy levels.

Phone: 057-311-3916

Location: Jerusalem Jerusalem District

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