Due to the present situation I am now doing counselling by skype or zoom! I can be contacted on: 054-976-2513 or 09-745-4090 Jackie Galgut is a registered and licensed counselling social worker who graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. She began working more than twenty years ago with troubled adolescents, children and families at risk. Her main goal has always been to keep families together and to help strengthen and improve relationships within families. She has run parenting workshops and offers therapy for children and teens as well as adults. At the Family Life Center in Johannesburg she conducted marital, pre-marital and divorce counselling as well as family therapy. Couples can learn through counselling how to cope with the trauma of divorce and how to help their children through the process. Marital therapy can help couples’ strengthen and nurture their relationship whilst also learning new communication skills and can help teach how to cope with conflict with in a relationship. Jackie has also worked with loss and grief and is also a trauma debriefing counselor. Jackie made Aliyah in 2006 with her husband and four children. Jackie had a private practice for many years in South Africa and she now offers private counselling in Raanana in a safe and confidential setting. The initial session is free without obligation and all sessions are at affordable rates.

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