The story I’m about to tell you might sound crazy but it’s true. I’m sharing it because maybe it can help you create a life you love. Sixteen years ago, I walked away from a career that had been my childhood dream and a life of security and certainty. Why? Because that “still, small voice” within got really loud. It told me very clearly that if I wanted to be happy, I would have to get very honest with myself, clear the mental junk, and create a new life. Like most people, change felt scary. Uncertainty felt scary. But thankfully, I had many wise coaches and healers to guide me through what’s been described as “the dark night of the soul.” I can only describe this experience as having been a caterpillar who left its former sense of self, cocooned itself during its transformation, and emerged as a wondrous butterfly: Alive, Vibrant, Joyful! I know that without these coaches and healers, this transformation would have been more difficult. Even though it wasn’t easy reaching out to get help, I am so happy I did because my life hasn’t been the same since, in the best way possible. Allow Me To Introduce Myself, My Name Is Jeannette Prior to taking that leap of faith, I did what I thought was going to make me happy: have a great career (I had become a board certified pediatrician, my childhood dream), a caring husband, and a beautiful house and car… Yet, none of these external things satisfied the deep desire for true happiness. I was about to give up on the notion, when life guided me to wise coaches and healers. -I learned how to release negativity, resentments and limiting beliefs. -I learned how to reconnect with my natural joy and essence. -I received tools and processes to practice daily to take care of my internal world: my thoughts and feelings. -I learned how wonderful it is to have someone who understands guide me and encourage me to keep going. There’s a whole lot more I would love to tell you about how healing and coaching changed my life but my desire is that you experience more happiness and success in your life and create the life you want. Consider your success as how much joy you feel. You don’t need to go through “the dark night of the soul” to create the life you want. You may be feeling alright but deep inside you know there’s more to life. I am passionate about helping others succeed just as my coaches helped me.

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Location: 6 Ed Koch Street Tel Aviv-Yafo Tel Aviv District

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