We conduct special workshops (2-8 hours) all over the country in preparation for the day of cruises and various conquests. In these workshops we simulate the bumps. The activity is filmed on video, followed by an in-depth analysis with the participants using the footage. How do you do this? 1. Organizing 10 or more guys from the school, the neighborhood and / or the kibbutz 2. Call Dotan 052-3745215 to coordinate the day and time 3. Invent a doctor’s approval and parental approval Step 4: Remove some rust. Where does this take place? Answer: In the dune / beach / park / field near your home And if I’m out of shape? Answer: The activity is adjusted to the group’s fitness level. In addition, a basic training program can be obtained for the activity, in order for the workshop to be more meaningful and efficient. What does it give me? Answer: 1. The workshop allows you to take a deep look at your weaknesses and moments of refraction, as well as your strengths and advantages. 2. The analysis with professionals from the field, and in addition, everything is seen in video and the reflection is much stronger. 3. I come much more willing to form a day of patrols and know what awaits me and how to deal with these situations. Parents want to know: 1. Who transfers the activity? 2. Does he have appropriate documents? 3. Have insurance? Answer: I, Dotan Rosenblit passes. I have a BA in physical education, a master’s degree in the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, a gym trainer, a preparation trainer for military and civilian training, a senior instructor for light athletics, a senior instructor for swimming and group facilitator. There is insurance. The activity is carried out by already more than 10 years. Parents are invited to call any questions. How do we continue? Answer: In coordination with me, I receive a training program and get updates in one of the active groups that I train and of course you can schedule follow-up workshops once every two or three weeks.

Phone: 054-556-4051

Location: 9 HaRav Yizkhak Yedidya Frenkel Tel Aviv-Yafo Tel Aviv District

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