Offering short term classes to those wanting to know honest and comprehensive Krav Maga. This is most appropriate for those wanting to truly understand the system of Krav Maga. You will learn the many techniques of Krav Maga that has made it famous around the world. You will also learn the practical application of these techniques that are used in hand to hand confrontation. This is not a fighting class nor is it an exercise class. We will be covering the basics of Krav Maga as used in security and military organizations. We have been doing this for 26 years so you can rest assured you will be getting the real thing. Also, you get the benefit of learning this system in it’s birth place, Israel and in our nation’s capital, Jerusalem. Krav Maga is the premier Israeli fighting system people are asking for among security professionals in many countries. For more information contact us at [email protected] or me personally at [email protected] There must be at least two students to have a group class. I do not offer classes in Hebrew at this time or private classes. Although it is possible to have a group rate drawn up if all members in your party commit to it. The longest session could be up to 3 months long. All classes are potentially mixed. If you have religious limitations ask us about making special arrangements. If we are able to accomodate we will let you know. 10405276_238965249626309_5839453815589155834_n.jpg?oh=8805db6ba37d05dc03c01b664a40f16d&oe=59E12FBE&__gda__=1508111755_a11d4d5178b1c3fdfb13ff0a786869d7 Thank you Moshe Tortomasi- Chief instructor Krav Maga Jerusalem

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