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Testimonies: “Sara is quietly intuitive. With absolute gentleness and humility, she is able to penetrate deeply, to connect and to release. I left feeling energized, aligned and happy!” Liora J “I felt so rejuvenated! So recharged! Relaxed but energised” Raizel S- Massage Therapist “I experienced deep emotional shifts, released a lot of stored energy, unblocked personal blockages, and gained insight.” Sharni B I had the chance to go to Sara Kohn for a treatment, and it was just unbelievable!!! By touching some points on my back she released a lot of stress, blocked emotions, and I felt completely New! As an osteopath I can say that she really has magic in her hands bH, and I recommend her totally! Arielle G- Osteopath A unique experience of being seen and completely supported. Strongly recommend taking the journey with her! Maskit B- Holistic Healing Therapist I have not been able to breathe properly since I had corona. This is the first time I can actually breathe deeply! I can’t believe it! And it’s lasting. Thank you! Rachel L Sara Kohn [email protected] 054 304 9846 Call or Whatsapp

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