Marriage Relationship Therapist / Counselor

My name is Avi Engelhart and I am a couples counselor (and instructor and doctoral student in clinical psychology). I’m looking for a few couples who would be interested in a private marriage skills workshop at a drastically reduced rate (150nis per session) in exchange for feedback. I have developed a series of sessions to build skills that couples generally need to have a more satisfying marriage. This is NOT couples counseling and it’s NOT for couples that have big issues, rather it’s for normal couples who are generally satisfied but have some bumps every now and then (like every normal couple!). Some topics are conflict resolution, being understood, listening, complementing, giving “constructive criticism”, dealing with high emotions, planning, intimacy, having fun, and others. I have a general syllabus however if there’s something specific you would like to work on we can dedicate time to that. I am also willing to work with individuals and role play as their partner. In exchange for the reduced rate I ask that you fill out a form after each session providing me with your detailed feedback on the session. Meetings will be private (just myself and the couple) and confidential. I can meet in-person in Jerusalem or Modiin, or on zoom. I am only offering this to a few couples and will fill the slots on a first come first serve basis. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to register. All the best! As usual, if you’re interested in formal counseling please mention that in your email.

Phone: 058-788-9880

Location: Jerusalem Jerusalem District

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