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Book me for a private lesson or a group session, seminars and lectures on the health benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Gong and how it works. Summer Time Chi Gong lessons in Raanana: Monday 7AM at Park Aliya, on Motzkin St. Friday 7:30AM at PArk Raanana by the lake. Saturday: 10am JERUSALEM Rose Garden. Join us for a “Life in Motion” experience and feel the energy flow into your own inner landscape With Master Gadi Levy-Golan, Author of”The Key to Qi” Raanana is blessed to have a master Qi Gong teacher in its midst. Through the wonders of natural energy flow (Qi), Gadi will reveal to you the secrets that underlie the life energy, and will teach you how to use these powers and principles to maximize your potential, both physically and mentally. He will offer you tools that you can apply to anything you wish. Qi, the infinite energy of life, is inside all of us. It knows no boundaries, it is limitless, and you can start to use it when you set your Life in Motion. Gadi teaches T’ai Qi Gong (a combination of T’ai Qi and Qi Gong) in Raanana on Mondays and Friday mornings. You are invited to an interactive lecture demonstration, where you can experience his teaching for yourself. Tai Chi Gong with Master Gad Levy-Golan (Gadi) is a renowned authority in the field of body-mind empowerment through Tai Chi Gong. In his new book,The Key to Qi, he draws on his 27 years as a practitioner of Tai Chi Gong, as well as his research, teaching andpractising the fundamental theory and practice of exercise modalities. As the founder of Qi Strategy, a corporate wellness firm, he advocates using Qi-energy as a method for achievingresults, superior productivity and self-fulfilment. He is also the director and principal instructor of Life in Motion Tai Chi Gong Academy is offering classes, workshops, retreats, and a Long Distance Tai Chi Gong Teacher Training program. Gadi: 0523885552

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