Michal Avnet Clinical Psychologist. Child, Adolescent, Adult

My name is Michel Waknin. I started my career in the health industry through pharmocology. I was a pharmacist for many years. But seeing patients go from medicine to medicine without tapping to the root of their health issue has made me quest for alternative modalities. I found Chinese Medicine and fell in love. In Chinese medicine, the approach is holistic. Many factors are considered in order to understand what went wrong and why the person is out of balance. I’ve seen first hand how within a few treatments only – there is a shift in a person’s condition. I studied with some of the top teachers in Israel. I help people with a variety of health issues, from back pains to emotional challenges, fertility issues, digestive disorders and more. I treat my patients using acupuncture, herbal tinctures, nutritional counseling, Tui na, and Chi Gong. I have two clinics- one in Best Hakerem, Jerusalem, the other in Zur Hadassah. I also do house visits. Feel free to contact me and set up an appointment.

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