Alex Gutin has years of experience helping people recover from pain and heal. Here’s a recent magazine article profiling him: Trainer Alex Gutin’s Goal- Teaching People to Help Themselves When you’ve been in pain, have you ever wondered if there isn’t something that you can do to help yourself? Something better than pain killers or treatments with short term effects? Have you ever thought about how you could prevent problems from happening in the first place or from reoccurring? There is a person in Yerushalayim who has effectively treated hundreds of patients with an outstanding success rate. He has even been zoche to treat Rav Elyashuv, ztzl, successfully. Alex Gutin started his career over 30 years ago in Moscow. Now, a resident of Ramot and an oleh since 1996, Alex is dedicated to helping clients not only after injury but to keeping themselves fit and prevent many painful conditions from developing. We spoke with two patients who were treated by Alex Gutin. The first patient was a young man who was scheduled to undergo a hernia operation and was instructed not to lift any weight over 5 kg. A friend referred him to Alex and he began doing the exercises as he was instructed. After 6 months, the patient returned to the doctor who had ordered the surgery and did an ultrasound. The hernia was gone! The second patient is an older man who had been suffering from drop foot, a very uncomfortable condition usually treated by surgery or strong narcotic drugs. He heard about Alex after having an unsuccessful operation. After working with Alex for a certain amount of time, this patient is pain free and continues to work with Alex to maintain his improved condition. Alex is the first one to stress that his treatment is not a “magic wand.” He has no direct physical contact with his patients. Rather he demonstrates and teaches each one which regiment of exercises would be best for him/her. The hands-on work is all done by the patients themselves. Initially trained in the field of physical education and as a sports trainer, Alex assumed that knowing how to deal with a sports related injury or pain that a student was experiencing was just part of doing his job properly. And so he started to ‘prescribe’ his individualized exercise regimens to each student/patient as he went along. Whether the problem was orthopedic, muscular or neurological, Alex would figure out a personalized exercise routine to be followed daily by the patient. The success of Alex’s treatment spread by word of mouth and before long, he was treating people for strained muscles, torn ligaments, slipped discs, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and even weight loss. Patients who have been treated by Alex continue getting his advice over the phone from England, Switzerland, Russia and the United States. Although Alex maintains a private office in Shuk Canyon and teaches in Center One, he offers most clients exercise programs that can be done without any special equipment in their own homes. Alex has treated and helped clients between the ages of a few months old to over 100 years old like Rav Elyashuv. For babies experiencing difficulties in crawling or in other areas, Alex is able to teach the parents simple exercises to do with their child. Alex considers himself only a shaliach to help people cure themselves and help the body operate according to Hashem’s plan. He follows each person’s progress very carefully and does not believe in the person straining beyond his ability, rather slowly but steadily building up his stamina. Alex is also particularly concerned with the population that leads pretty much of a sedentary lifestyle and are missing physical activity. This can include people learning as well as people working in technology and spending a lot of time on the computer. There are lots of easy to do at home exercises that people can follow and be surprised how their aches and pains go away.

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