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Whether you need to drop a few kilos, increase your strength, run your first 5k, become more flexible, or just want to eat a better diet, I will help you reach your goals by personal individualized training, writing you a detailed balanced diet plan to fit your needs and preferences and even come to cook for you and your family whole food plant-based meals. About me – I’m passionate about movement, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle! I completed 4 years of professional dance, body-conditioning & yoga training in Jeruslaem and Tel Aviv and danced professionally in the Inbal Dance Theatre. I also spent over 3 months in a plant-based health retreat center in Costa-Rica learning evidence-based approach to diet and lifestyle. I now teach yoga and help people adopt small and big healthy habit changes through diet and movement. Will be happy to meet and talk about your needs and expectations! reach me at 058-717-4685 or [email protected] 46400374_10155526421136268_1415583008437567488_o.jpg ratatouille-casserole.jpg

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