PostPartum Doula Service / Mother’s Helper / Babycare

Hi there! Are you a new mom/dad/grandparent/family? Or expecting a new addition to the family?

First off, mazal tov! 🙂

I am an experienced postpartum doula, originally from Canada. In this role, I have worked with a number of families in transitioning into life with a new baby.

What is a postpartum doula?

Like a birth doula, a postpartum doula is a non-medical support person who provides moral, physical & informational support to new families in the early days and weeks (or even months) of baby’s life. The postpartum doula does not replace the support people and community in the parents’ and family’s lives, but rather complements the existing support systems by offering resources, knowledge, and a familiarity with the postpartum acclimatization process. A PP doula could be a helpful addition for any family – be it dealing with a partner’s return to work, first-time parents, overwhelmed by a second child, being new in Israel with family abroad, post-cesarean support…

What does a postpartum doula do?

A postpartum doula’s main role is to assist the momma in her first days and weeks by making sure she is eating, hydrating, resting; helping her adjust to and recognize the needs of a newborn, assisting with bathing, changing, soothing, baby-wearing; giving non-medical advice regarding breast-feeding or alternate forms of feeding; spending time with older sibling(s); and discussing with other members of the family to help everyone adjust to this big change. This may also include some help with things like laundry, groceries, and accompaniment to postpartum appointments.

A little about me –

On a personal note: I am originally from Vancouver Canada, in my late 20’s, and working part-time in a lovely Nursery School in North/Central Tel Aviv. I have been in Israel for 3 years now and speak Hebrew fluently, but English is my first language:) I currently live in Florentin.

Though I have not yet had children of my own, I am experienced in assisting with the needs of the postpartum family and am honored, each time, to be a part of this transition time.

On a professional note: I love working with babies and their new parents and I value the importance of these vulnerable and challenging and sweet first days and weeks with your infant.

I am trained as a Postpartum doula through DONA International and as a breastfeeding support person through Douglas College (in BC, Canada). I have experience working with twins, breastfeeding difficulties, premature babies, jaundice, ‘colic’, postpartum depression, post-cesarean section, LGBTQ families, and others.

Everyone’s experience as well as each baby and family’s circumstances are unique but everyone finds moments of challenge, insecurity, sweetness and exhaustion in the early days (+weeks +months) as you adjust to the extraordinary addition and change to your family.

In addition to the above listed activities encompassed by the PP doula role, I also provide the following services:

-Post-birth planning session (an hour or so but as long as is needed to assist in thinking through the practicalities of managing life with a new baby; such a session would typically be before baby is born:)

-Birth Photography (this is something I have some but not a great deal of experience in – from my work as a birth doula so I would happily negotiate a modest price for the first few takers !)

-Nightshifts (in order to allow new parents to sleep; this is a minimum of 8 hours overnight and my capacity to provide this service depends on your needs + my availability so we can talk about that if it interests you)

-Birth Doula support – this is a different and perhaps more known doula role, which I have worked in, in Canada for a number of years. Get in touch with me about this if you are interested in discussing / learning more:)

On a practical note ..

For PP doula services I charge 60 shekels an hour and generally require a minimum of 4 hour shifts.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and to arrange a preliminary meeting to further discuss if I can be of service to you and your family!



[email protected]

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