Psychotherapist/Life coach (Israeli/American) Dr. S Bakst

Elisabeth Rothschild, MSW, Psychotherapist clinic: Rechov Emek Refaim 66b Jerusalem phone: 0507-302920 I am a Psychotherapist and Clinical Social worker with more than three decades of clinical experience in the field of Mental health as well as in private practice. For many years did I work for the Ministry of Health in the South Jerusalem outpatient Mental Health clinic as therapist, supervisor and as Head of the clinical Social work unit. I work fluently in English Hebrew and Swedish with individuals and couples . I work with clients from diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, and spiritual backgrounds as well as all sexual orientations. Couples from different cultural backgrounds, like Israeli and immigrant, often find my emphasis and respect for cultural differences helpful in their work. Clients enter therapy for many different reasons. Some want help with a specific problem, transition, or crisis. Others wish to explore long-standing patterns that have held them back and may be seeking greater clarity about their thoughts, emotions, behaviors.Some people feel difficulty and sometime depression while coping with new stages in life such as marriage ,divorce, retirement and growing old. It is easy to make an appointment with me for a consultation as to what kind of therapy would meet your needs – also for a one time meeting. My fees are average and I have a sliding scale policy . I am a certified Psychotherapist and a member of the Israeli Association of Psychotherapy. I am also a Group therapist and a member of the Israel Institute of Group Analysis. I have experience with long term psychotherapy groups as well as leading groups focusing on bereavement and loss , sexual abuse and supervision groups. Group therapy is a recommended form of therapy for difficulties concerning relationships , loneliness,social inhibitions and anxieties, and adresses questions of identity and belonging.It provides an opportunity to see oneself in the eyes of the other , to experience the give and take of relationships and to improve interpersonal skills. I am planning to start an English -speaking psychotherapy group in the summer and welcome any inquiries about group therapy. I work with Kupat Chulim Klalit.

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