Rabbi and Spiritual Director

I work with adults of all ages, those struggling to manage their day to day stressors as well as with people coping with life-changing events, illnesses and traumas. I am originally from the U.S. and made Aliya in 1994 after completing a BA from University of Pennsylvania and an MA from Brooklyn College, both in mathematics. Here in Israel, I graduated with honors from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an MA in Rehabilitation Psychology. I have worked in the neuropsychology department of Sha’arei Tzedek hospital, in the rehabilitation department at Hadassah and taught neuropsychology to future occupational therapists. In addition, I am a certified CBT therapist with additional training in EMDR and Mindfulness. I have experience in medical rehabilitation have helped those suffering from post- traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder and more. My broad-based training allows me to take a holistic and integrative approach to therapy; I believe that the therapist must be sensitive to the particular needs and abilities of their clients, helping them to reduce stress, gain insights and set goals with an aim towards leading a more fulfilling life

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