Reflexology – The Gift of Touch

Most people have heard of reflexology but not everyone knows thebenefits it can bring

Reflexology is a natural, relaxing and drug-free therapy.

It helps to restore energy balance in the body promoting relaxation,health and vitality. Your entire body is brought into a state of balance reducing stress, increasing circulation and supporting the body’s natural ability to self-heal.

Reflexology enhances medical care

Although reflexology is not used to diagnose or cure health disorders, research has demonstrated that reflexology enhances and complements medical care.

With over 10 years’ experience, I have found reflexology to be greatly beneficial for addressing conditions such as anxiety, compromised immune and hormonal systems, migraines and chronic pain . And for children it can help limit ear infections and bronchial issues from developing, relieve colic and teething pain

Experience The Gift of Touch

Ladies, whether you’d like quiet time to unwind or a chance to sort out health issues, reflexology is a marvellous way to relax, and a wonderful complementary therapy when applied alongside conventional approaches to health.

Gift of Touch

Chaya Sara Ben Eitan, SRT

Senior Reflexology Therapist

Jerusalem, in the center of town


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