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In the production process of industrial enterprises, the ball mill machine has always been a piece of important equipment, not only a large investment but also its work efficiency directly affects economic efficiency. So it has always been the focus of the industry’s attention. What are the problems of ball mills in production practice? Generally speaking, there are three direct ways to increase the output of a ball mill: (1) Add a fine crusher in front of the mill; (2) Improve the grinding system and increase the grinding efficiency; (3) Add efficient powder separator. Cement quality, in terms of grinding technology alone with high-effiency ball mill machine, is not directly related to the efficiency of crushing and selecting powder before grinding. Generally, there are two inspection indicators for cement quality: the concrete sieve residual value specific surface area. However, in recent years, the international cement quality inspection index is the gradation of cement particles. Moreover, this index can better reflect the real situation of cement quality than the concrete sieve residual value specific surface area. This point has attracted considerable attention from our cement workers. Generally speaking, cement particles smaller than 3μM hydrate quickly, which is not conducive to the long-term strength of the cement. It is recommended not to exceed 10%; particles larger than 65μM are basically inactive and as inactive as possible; 16-24μM particles have high activity. There are cement factories that produce limestone. Limestone is inactive and purely a filler, but it can improve the particle gradation of the finished cement.

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