Simeon Asher – Osteopath

Hello and Welcome,

I am a UK trained Osteopath with 23 years experience. I am the author of the ‘Concise book of trigger points’ and ‘treat your own frozen shoulder’. I moved to Israel with my family in July 2007 and live and work in Raanana (and London one week in six).

My core belief is that the body wants to heal itself given the correct intervention and my clinics blend traditional therapies with state of the art medical devices such as IDD spinal decompression.

I am the founding Chairman of the Israeli Register of Osteopaths (IRO). I have a special interest in trigger point therapy and treating back (disc related) and shoulder pain.I would be delighted to help you.

I established a clinic in Ra’anana with excellent colleagues (Sun-Fri):

Rebecca Schwartz M.Ost – Osteopath (UK)

Eli Levy-Golan – Physiotherapy – (Australia)

Diana Osovsky – Physiotherapy – (Israel)

Yael Schapiro – Chinese medicine (Israel)

For more information have a look at some of our websites:

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