Stress and Anxiety Management Coach

The Holistic Concept and its experienced team offer you and your employees a corporate health and wellness program to improve health, reduce stress and increase productivity at your workplace. Living with anxiety has become the norm for most people. Activities like prolonged sitting or standing, typing, or staring at a computer screen place increasing physical demands on the body which result in pain and injury. Reducing muscle strain to prevent injuries and alleviating pain have become increasingly necessary not only for body-mind health but also in order to boost productivity. By keeping employees safe and free from the type of work related upper limb disorders that plague people who work long hours at the computer, you are investing in injury prevention and productivity. Preventive health care in the form of regular chair massages can help to drastically reduce the costs associated with injury and to keep your office workers relaxed and happy. My name is Shlomo Kovo and I am a United States trained Licensed Massage Therapy Practitioner. I established The Holistic Concept in 2000 and have built a successful career in both the US and Israel by personally working to boost wellness in the workplace. We work together with your HR department to customize a program for your company from our team of certified male or female therapeutic massage practitioners, Shiatsu practitioners, certified nutritional counselors, ergonomics consultants, Yoga and Pilates teachers, and group Tai-Chi instructors for your employees, on-site at your workplace. The Holistic Concept would like to welcome you and your staff to a brighter and pain-free future. To fully exhibit what we can do for you, we would like to offer your company a free on-site massage demonstration. After you see how our services benefit your employees, we can design a personalized plan for your company’s specific needs. Give your team the health and well-being they deserve. Call or email us today to schedule your company’s free demonstration. To your health! Shlomo Kovo, Owner Licensed Massage Practitioner The Holistic Concept [email protected] 054-610-3905

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