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Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy If you are experiencing muscle or skeletal pain, injury or illness, you need to go to a reputable physiotherapist who can examine, diagnose and treat your impairment. The Traveling Physio combines specific and specialized techniques that assist in restoring the body to its pre-injured state. This includes manual therapy techniques with appropriate comprehensive exercise program planning to ensure your pain, postural weaknesses and dysfunctions are well addressed to reduce the possibility of recurrence. At The Traveling Physio, we also perform postural assessments, muscle strength and flexibility testing to ensure postural weaknesses or muscular imbalances do not occur, which may then lead to pain and injury. This will also directly affect sporting and lifestyle performance. At The Traveling Physio, we specifically target the neuro-musculoskeletal systems of the body. This is ideal as, for instance, pain and injury affecting our muscles and skeleton, can leads us to develop poor neurological patterns and compensating behaviors. This can lead to further injury or re-injury – we assesses the whole body not just the area that is currently an issue. Since no single presenting condition is ever the same, The Traveling Physio uses a combination of specialised techniques including joint mobilisation and manipulation, massage therapy, taping (including kinesiology taping) and strength and rehabilitation program development – to name a few – in order to get you back to your best as soon as possible. At The Traveling Physio we pride ourselves on providing expert, evidence based Physiotherapy using the most updated treatment modalities within the comfort of your own home/work within and around the Jerusalem area. For more information, call or text us on 0542107549, send a message on facebook – or email [email protected] *male and female therapists available

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