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Led by Dr. Simone Landau, Jerusalem’s dental and tongue tie clinic, located in the city center, offers a comprehensive range of high quality dental and laser tongue and lip tie (Frenectomy) services rendered with the latest techniques, in a friendly and modern clinic. A mother of three, and a dentist with over a decade of experience, I know how breastfeeding is so important for the baby’s health, and for the mother-baby bond. Tongue-tie affects around 10% of newborn babies. Signs that your baby might need the procedure include difficulty attaching to the breast or difficulty staying attached for a full feed, feeding for a long time followed by a short break and then another feeding, the baby being generally unsettled and hungry all the time, and if the baby is not gaining weight. Tongue tie can also create problems for the mother, including sore or cracked nipples, low milk supply and mastitis. Laser tongue tie release is a very quick procedure – usually taking only 1-2 minutes. There is no need for stitches or anesthesia/sedation. Laser release involves minimal discomfort to your baby, and healing is fast. The baby can and should be fed immediately following the procedure. For more information please visit our website or call us at 02-625-6541 About me: I graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Toronto, Canada. Prior to that I obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Biology from Yeshiva University, New York. I received my training in tongue tie at the Brisbane, Australia Tongue Tie Institute. Continuing education in all aspects of modern dentistry remains a priority for me, and I have participated in dozens of workshops, lectures and seminars in Israel and abroad.

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