enna Rose Alpern, Registered Yoga Teacher Jenna began dancing at an early age and, ever since, hasn’t stopped moving. After dancing and performing for ten years, she started practicing yoga and fell in love with the discipline of connecting body and spirit through dynamic movement. In the last two years since she has been living in Israel, she has strived to integrate her spiritual practice with her passion for dance and yoga. Jenna was trained by Kinneret Yoga and completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training during and since which she has taught yogis from all backgrounds. Jenna’s style is a Vinyasa Flow Power combination with a focus on proper alignment and just the right combination of challenge and relaxation for any level of yogi and with a special sensitivity to observant, Jewish women. When she’s not doing yoga, she is loving chai tea lattes, the stray cat who sleeps on her porch, and the smell of old books. Currently, Jenna teaches on Monday mornings in Jerusalem. She also teaches private lessons upon request. To find out about more classes, check out Jenna Rose Alpern / 054-653-5543 / [email protected] Share: Related Articles Understanding the 3 Levels of Insurance Coverage by Shimon Cohen – Level A National Health ServicesProvided by four Kupot Cholim: Clalit, Meuhedet, … Premiums Meridian Massage Stretch Therapy & Ancient Chinese Medicine Jun 27, 2021 JERUSALEM RAMOT BET – HOME IN THE FOREST- QUITEST&GREEN ALLY 4D Physio – Stephen Hodes MSc BSc Hons (Physiotherapist) Oct 19, 2021 Amazing New Anglo Community in the Center of Israel About Contact Us All Sections Community Events on Facebook @ Twitter Terms of use Privacy Policy Posting Policies Advertising Contract Terms and Conditions Email Subscription | Anglo Media © 2021

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