If like me, you have tried several diets, more restrictive and wacky than each other, you know that the majority of them can have serious consequences on our health, not to mention the “rebound effect”, perverse: I lose quickly, at the cost of hard efforts, I am euphoric but tired, my body gets tired, I crack, I take all my pounds with bonus bonus, I depress, I eat, I get fat … the vicious circle of these diets, to ban . With my personal experience (24kg lost in 10 months, after losing and taking tens of pounds, following hyper or hypo diets ..), I decided to create the Coaching Slimming Service. It offers personalized support, based on a varied, balanced diet, adapted to your daily needs, without deficiency, and especially tasty and appetizing! We reverse the infernal mechanism! So, I eat, I enjoy myself, I move, I lose weight, I feel better, it encourages me to continue, I feel better and better, and finally, I acquire reflexes, and this diet becomes my daily. I hold on the duration, because it is not restrictive, my body is not deficient, and I enjoy myself at the same time! So, if your motivation is real, and above all else, Personalized Slimming Coaching is for you. If like me, you’ve tried many different kind of diets, more restrictive and wacky as each other, then you know, that most of them can have dangerous consequences on your health, not to mention the perverse “rebound” effect : I lose kilos quickly, making hard efforts, I get exited but the body is so tired that I fall, I gain back all the lost pounds, I get depressed, I eat, gain weight … A perverse circle. With my personal experience ( lost 24kg after 10 months; I had also tried so many diets like hyper protein or hypo caloric ) , I decided to create this Diet personalized coaching , to help those who had the same bad experiences with diets and want to lose kilos for real . The coaching offers a personalized support, based on balanced diet, varied food, adapted to your daily needs, with no deficiency, and especially good and tasty ! With this, we reverse the infernal mechanism ! suddenly, I start to eat well and good food, so I’m satisfied, I start to exercise, I loose weight, I feel better, as it helps me to go on, I feel better each day more, and eventually, all this becomes my new way of live, getting new reflexes . So I can go on cause i’m not frustrated, i eat tasty food, and i loose weight in the same time. So, if you are really motivated, and are fed up of all the restrictive diets, then, this program and this personal coaching is for you ! Please, feel free to contact me by phone or mail.

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