The Eucalyptus

The Eucalyptus, a kosher restaurant in Jerusalem Situated in the Artist Quarter of the city a stone’s throw away from the magnificent walls of old Jerusalem is one of the most memorable restaurants one can visit.

The Eucalyptus restaurant, Owned and led by Chef Moshe Basson, serves a modern interpretation of biblical cuisine. Chef Basson’s passions for biblical culture drove him to research and resurrect recipes, spices, and local and wild herbs that were part of the traditional cuisine, and were neglected and nearly forgotten for centuries.

Every dish has its origins in biblical scenes and all the spices and herbs used grow, as in ancient times, in the surrounding hills of Jerusalem and Judea.

Chef Moshe Basson and his energetic staff offer a unique chance to explore the roots of western culture through a culinary journey to kitchens of the bible.

The restaurant is set in an ancient stone building with a huge scenic balcony, where you can enjoy the crimson sunsets as they hit the walls of the old city every evening.

The combination of cuisine, passion and location presents a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Jerusalem and its special heritage. The unique experience has earned the Eucalyptus restaurant the honor of being declared by many the best restaurant in Jerusalem, and some say the best restaurant in Israel.

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