Since I’ve known myself, I’ve loved painting, art and aesthetics. In my youth I studied art, and I hoped to find myself engaged in design, cooking or drawing. When I was drafted at the age of 19, I found myself serving in a hospital. The unfamiliar new world winked at me, and I decided to study medicine. For many years I have abandoned painting for full-time work and more for internal medicine. I completed my internship in internal medicine and specialized in working with complex and ventilated patients. This work gives me great satisfaction and a lot of joy in my heart, but I always felt the need to express myself creatively. Two years ago I began to engage in art again – to photograph and paint. I discovered a new love: portraits. In the course of my work in portraits, I have always tried to present the subject of the portrait in a flattering, free and free manner, while taking advantage of its strengths. The intention is to show beautiful women at the age of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and more, and not try to “lie.” Men should look beautiful and masculine or reflect a certain character. Photography is done by lighting and angles of photography, accessories and effects. Naturally, I have moved to another area: bringing a mirror that compliments people on a daily basis. Through the study of medical aesthetics, I succeeded in creating in patients and patients a mirror that emphasizes their points of light and beauty, blurs blemishes and scars, improves skin qualities, and keeps the appearance natural. I do not believe in the “ironed” look but in a natural look that erases difficulties rather than years. I believe in quality and not in quantity, personal work and not in production line. Professional integrity without discrimination, eye-to-eye dialogue, love for creative work, and use of the best materials only. Today I am happy to bring all this beauty to you. I would be happy to meet you for a consultation session and an explanation of various beauty treatments such as: • Botox • Creases and wrinkles • Interior design and sculpture • Booster treatments for facial skin and mesotherapy • Treating wires • Lip filling and more.

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