Relax, Heal and Recharge with Reflexology!

Orlyse Clinic is a mutidisciplinary center in Jerusalem offering you a complete range of services for the beauty and health of your body. Permanent hair removal: Gently remove hair of many colors and from all skin types. Multiple treatment options_ The best of lasers and IPL Remodeling: Reduce smokerlines, crow’s feet, nasolabial fods and under eye wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, post surgery scars… Skin rejuvination: Restore skin, remove brown spots (from sun and aging), spider vessels, rosacea, acne. Skin tightening ”lifting effect”: Sagging skin under the eyes, lowered brow lines, loose skin under the chin, the neck, the arms, the legs, the belly… FEEL GOOD IN YOUR BODY AND YOUR MIND Fitness program: Lose fat, body sculpt, nutrition, coaching experts. Kinesiology: Understand what your body is telling, put words on your emotions and make the right change. NEW GENERATION OF LASERS: NON INVASIVE, NO DOWNTIME, GREAT RESULTS !

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