FLOW YOGA TEACHER TRAINING ​200 HR YOGA ALLIANCE / ** YOGA ALLIANCE 200 HR CERTIFICATION – INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED Are you ready to work IN your body rather than ON your body? Are you interested in learning intelligent movement for a sustainable yoga practice? ❤️ Are you ready to grow as a person and a teacher while developing a deeper relationship to the practice and principles of yoga both on and off your mat? Are you looking for a yoga teacher training program that facilitates a synergetic learning environment and seeks to support your unique learning & teaching style, rather than asking you to conform to theirs? ✅ If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the 200-hour Teacher Training with Elyse (Chaya Bracha) Adelson and Guest Teachers could be the perfect fit for you. This unique offering , is a year long experience where you can learn, grow and thrive under the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher and in the good company of other sincere practitioners and teachers. CURRICULUM OVERVIEW Asana Studies Topics: Fundamental Postures Sequence Focused Study of the Categories of Postures Practices Energetic Sequencing Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics Topics: How to Create a Safe Space for practice Studentship Practice as Love Personal Inquiry topics , Asana Practice and Spirituality Quadrinity Model of Self and applications to teaching and asana Introduction to Yoga History The Yamas and Niyamas of Teaching: Ethics in Teaching and Business Mantra Meditation Ayurveda Embodiment What is embodiment? Embodiment tools for everday life Embodied Yoga Principles Teaching Method Topics: 4 Types Of Students 3 Types of Learners Understanding The Variables Sequencing Strategies Themes Demonstration, Observation & Adjustments Verbal Skills Trauma Informed How the Body Works: Functional anatomy Kinesiology Yoga Biomechanics Myo-Fascial Explorations Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy WHEN DO WE MEET? October 4 2021 Mondays 9am-2pm or another day arranged by group (option to add another day per week to finish course earlier) WHO’S TEACHING? Lead Teachers: Chaya Bracha (Elyse) Adelson Guest Teachers: TBA TO APPLY & More info : Elyse Chaya Bracha 0525308203 [email protected]

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